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Woman with pills in her hands,one singled out
Is Monthly Ibandronate Safe and Effective Long-term?
US researchers investigated the long-term safety and effectiveness of once-monthly ibandronate, which was studied for up to 5 years in a long-term extension.
pregnant woman sitting at a laptop computer
Is it possible that subclinical hypothyroidism during pregnancy affects the intellectual development of children? Article explains what Iranian researchers discovered in this hypothyroidism study.
woman pushing a cart full of healthy foods
Living an overall healthy lifestyle can help treat and prevent many cases of obesity and type 2 diabetes, but what specific lifestyle treatments work best for these patients?
Pituitary gland part - Human brain in x-ray view
What Works for Pituitary Tumors?
An article published in the Expert Opinion on Pharmacotherapy journal reviewed treatments of aggressive pituitary tumors. Reviewed surgery, pharmacotherapies, and radiotherapy.
Article showing the words diabetes type 1 with a pair of reading glasses resting
UK researchers examined the link between poor numeracy skills and glycemic control in patients with type 1 diabetes. Article explains what researchers discovered in this type 1 diabetes study.
Woman doing step aerobics
It’s well known that exercise can help prevent osteoporosis, but how effective is high-impact exercise on osteoporosis?
Yoga Stretch
In a small study in India, researchers examined the benefits of yoga with type 2 diabetes.
the word hyperthyroidism on a tablet with medication in the background
Levothyroxine use can cause subclinical hyperthyroidism. See if that can increase fracture risk in elderly patients. Article covers results and analysis of a thyroid study.
Elderly Woman Reading Warning Labels on Pill Bottles
Reclast is an osteoporosis medication, and in September 2011, the FDA issued a new warning label for it. It may cause renal impairment, so physicians should be cautious before prescribing. Article reviews new FDA label for Reclast.
Man pouring pills into his hand
Research comparing the safety and effectiveness of oral minodronate at monthly doses of 30 mg or 50 mg to a daily dose of 1 mg in patients with osteoporosis.
Magnesium symbol handheld over the periodic table
Does magnesium have an effect on type 2 diabetes risk? Discover what researchers learned about the impact magnesium has on type 2 diabetes.
Woman in silhouette thinking about having a baby
Find out what an observational study uncovered about iodine supplementation in pregnant women.
Professional giving a presentation at a board
New Thresholds for Diagnosis
Research was presented at the 2011 Endocrine Society Annual Meeting on using salivary cortisol for diagnosing hypercortisolism and hypocortisolism.
the word testosterone on a tablet with a stethoscope laying nearby
Low testosterone levels are associated with increased mortality in men, and men with type 2 diabetes have a high prevalence of testosterone deficiency.
Young children reading off of a laptop computer
Long-term safety and efficacy data on pediatric patients treated with Norditropin® are being collected through a registry called American Norditropin Studies: Web-Enabled Research.
Vitamin D written down in script printing
Are high doses of vitamin D3 better than the standard dose for boosting bone mineral density and decreasing bone turnover in post-menopausal women who have low bone mass?
The structure of human interferon beta
Researchers found more evidence to support that interferon therapy is linked with the development of type 1 diabetes.
Prawn starter with aubergine, tomato and salad by the sea in Mykonos,Greece
Is there a link between the Mediterranean diet and a reduction in type 2 diabetes rates? Learn what researchers discovered.
work being performed in a research lab
A cross-sectional study examined type 2 diabetes and exposure to persistent organic pollutants (POPs) in the adult Finnish population.
Man laying down wearing a sleep apnea device
In an observational cross-sectional study, researchers investigated the severity of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and the effect on glycemic control in patients with type 2 diabetes.
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